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Pet Rescue Saga’s First Update Adds New Levels, New Mechanics And New Pets — Appadvice

King’s ‘Pet Rescue Saga’ Launches on Mobile

Pet Rescue Saga is the third game from Kings popular Saga papa pear saga online free of puzzle games to be released on iOS, following Bubble Witch Saga and Candy Crush Saga . Pet Rescue Saga challenges you to match blocks in order rescue to adorable pets from the dastardly Snatchers. At launch, the game was already loaded with 72 levels. But with its first content update, Pet Rescue Saga has gained 45 additional levels across three new episodes, bringing the games total level count to an impressive 117. Pet Rescue Saga The update also introduces a couple of new gameplay mechanics, namely, Wooden Cage and Infected Block. So, prepare to free trapped pets from Wooden Cages and stop Infected Blocks from spreading their plague.
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Pet Rescue Saga walkthrough, cheats and tips

Pet Rescue Saga It takes about half an hour for a life to charge. As soon as you’re lower than 5, it will automatically start the countdown to recharge. Options- From here you can access game options. You can also choose to quit a puzzle early from here, though you will lose one life for doing so. % Complete- This meter is shown at the side of every puzzle and shows how close you are to 100% block completion. Score- Your current score is shown at the bottom of the screen.
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That money mostly came from in app purchases. People purchase lives when they run out and are not ready to quit playing. They also purchase boosters to help them pass levels, and these purchases, while small, can add up quickly! These purchases can make this free app incredibly costly. That is why it is up to you to be careful about in app purchases for Pet Rescue Saga. Instead, invest a few dollars in an affordable Pet Rescue Saga Guide that has tips and tricks and walkthroughs for the game.
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Pet Rescue Saga tips sales charts after release – National Sales & Deals |

Save on misses has brought its popular Facebook game, Pet Rescue Saga, to Apple iOS and Google Play for Android devices. The game, which has more than 5 million daily players, is among the top 10 games currently on the social networking site. It’s not as if King needs a real-world rescue. Its game Candy Crush Saga, which migrated to mobile in November 2012, remains the top app on Facebook, according to About six months earlier, the game Bubble Witch Saga was brought to mobile. Pet Rescue Saga is now the third game that has transported from Facebook to mobile. The company “has a lot of different games we have developed that fit perfect for mobile,” says Tommy Palm, games guru at King’s Stockholm office. “It’s very fitted for a mobile phone because you can play with just one finger.” Pet Rescue Saga is a game about rescuing pets from evil pet snatchers.
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Much like Kings other games, gameplay will sync across mobile devices as well as Facebook. That means current Pet Rescue Saga players can download the game on their mobile device and pick up right where they left off on Facebook. Your virtual goods will also sync across devices. King launched its first opera mini for pc windows xp game on Facebook, Bubble Witch Saga, in April 2012. It quickly rose to the top of the Facebook gaming charts. Since then, the company debuted a slew of others on Facebook, including the popular Candy Crush Saga, Pet Rescue Saga, Papa Pear Saga and Farm Heroes Saga. It releases each game first on, and selects the best performers to then launch on Facebook. After finding success on Facebook, King then launches the game on mobile.
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Bbm For Windows Phone Arriving This July, John Chen Confirmstechie News

BlackBerry CEO John Chen: BlackBerry Messenger Will Be Coming to Windows how to get bbm on a iphone Phone in July | TruTower

<img src='×412.jpg&#039; width='200px' alt='BlackBerry CEO John Chen: BlackBerry Messenger Will Be Coming to Windows Phone in July' style='float:left;padding:5px' /> BBM, which was a BlackBerry exclusive for a long period of time, saw an iOS and Android launch last year with over 10 million downloads in just 24 hours. BlackBerry confirmed earlier this year that it will be launching the messenger on Windows Phone, but the timeframe given at the time was rather too vague as it said that BBM for Windows Phone will launch sometime this summer. BBM is already preloaded on Lumia 630 ( as per poster leaks ), which has been launched in Europe, and this showed off clear signs of an imminent launch in very near future. BlackBerry isnt going to quip BBM for Windows Phone with all the features available on other platforms and this can be deduced from the manner in which it rolled out new features to BBM for iPhone and Android. At launch BBM for Windows Phone is expected to have Chats & Emoticons, Personalisation options, Stickers, BBM Groups and subsequent updates could bring in BBM channels, BBM Voice and Find Friends features. Tags
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OFFICIAL: BlackBerry Messenger for Windows Phone will Launch This July | Gigjets

<img src='×150.jpg&#039; width='200px' alt='Gaming Industry to be Worth over blackberry messenger 8 free download $100 Billion Dollars by 2018′ style=’float:left;padding:5px’ /> After the previous releases of BBM for Android and iOS, the BBM for Windows Phone release by the end of July has been confirmed. Many fans of the Windows Phone platform have been hoping for a BBM app arrival for some time, and at the end of February BlackBerry officially stated that the WP version was in the pipeline. In late March BlackBerry CEO John Chen then announced that the BBM Windows Phone app would appear in the companys fiscal Q2, giving a time frame of between May and July. There had since been no news of the apps release until earlier this month when we saw signs that it could be nearer to arrival. However BlackBerry CEO John Chen has now made another announcement to verify that the app is on target for the original time that was set. A specific date has not been given, but at least we know that the app will arrive on the Windows Phone Store by the end of July, and of course it could always appear sooner than that. Its not yet known if the BBM Windows Phone app will offer all of the same functionality and features of the Android and iOS versions, but it wont be too much longer until we find out!
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BBM for Android, iOS garners 2.5 million pre-registrationsTechie News

blackberry bbm ios android BlackBerry was planning the launch of a cross-platform BBM for quite a while now and this is the first time that the company will be offering them publicly. There are tons of other messaging apps that BBM will have to compete with right from launch day WhatsApp, Viber, Line, among others and that poses a very important question as to how many users will be actually downloading and using it. Samsung teased BBM for Galaxy smartphones back in August, just after it confirmed existence of BBM for Android earlier the same month. Andrew Bocking, who oversees BBM for BlackBerry, has revealed in an interview with CNET that the messenger has already managed 2.5 million pre-registrations. BlackBerry claims that there are already 60 million active users of BBM and it is only available on BlackBerry smartphones for now. The messaging app is probably one of the strongest offering from BlackBerry and the company indicated previously that it may spin-off BBM as a separate company. At launch, BBM for Android and iOS will not have an elaborated set of features, but will consist of core features including instant messaging and group chats.
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youtube This means nearly all of the major messaging apps are available for Microsofts mobile platform or are confirmed for a near future release. This is very good news for millions of Windows Phone users, and should hopefully bring an end to some developers thinking of Windows Phone as an afterthought. Pent-up demand could lead the Windows Phone version to the same success as other versions John Chen made the welcome announcement during this weeks earnings call. If pent-up demand for BBM on Windows Phone is any indication, it could see the same or similar success as it has on other platforms upon its release . While exact features and look and feel have yet to be confirmed or announced, its expected that Windows Phones app will have the same features that are available on the Android and iOS versions, including BBM Channels and BBM Voice . As soon as the app is bbm messenger iphone available, well be sure to deliver all of this information and post the QR code here to allow for easy download.
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BBM for Windows Phone release by end of July confirmed » Phone Reviews

BBM for Windows Phone release by end of July confirmed The information has been made public by BlackBerrys boss himself, John Chen, at the companys earnings call from yesterday. Chen also announced a squarish looking smartphone that they are going to unveil this fall, called BlackBerry Passport. Download BBM on your Windows Phone this July BlackBerry launched BBM for iOS and Android in 2013 and we all knew it was only a matter of time before the messaging service arrived on Windows Phone, as BlackBerry (formerly RIM) has confirmed in February that it would arrive in 2014. Thus, Windows Phone will be the fourth platform to host BBM, after its own BlackBerry 10, of course, iOS and Android. We are wondering whether the Canadian company could jump as far as releasing a standalone app for Windows 8 users, as well. Recently, the BlackBerry Messenger app has been updated with free calling, a feature that has been widely requested by the users.
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Android Applications Share Key Keys – Enterprise Expert

Google Bringing App Indexing To All Android Apps

goodreads-app-indexing The goal was to find out what kinds of security problems Android apps tend to have. And, after looking at over 1 million apps between June 2013, and November 2013, they discovered a widespread problem that revealed people’s Facebook accounts, as well as others like Twitter, Bitly, Flickr, Foursquare, Linkedin, and Google+. App developers were putting their “secret” key information in the app itself. That’s like writing your PIN on your ATM card. Or posting your Facebook password on your public Facebook wall. It might be a convenient place to store such info, but not a safe one. Many developers were even labeling those secret keys with the word “secret” or “private.” To be fair, this problem wasn’t caused by Google, but by the app developers who post their apps in Google Play.
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Google’s Android Auto joins the growing number of infotainment systems in the connected car — Tech News and Analysis

Google and others have been working on giving HTML 5 apps access to device hardware such as cameras and sensors. These examples arent terribly complicated apps; at least not by comparison to a graphics heavy game title for mobiles. I found these an interesting choice to show off, as a result. The news is also an extension of what Google announced at last years I/O event; only in the opposite direction. In 2013, Google showed off Chrome apps running on AndroidusingPackaged App and Native Client technologies . These tools let developers port or package their web-based apps to behave like native Android apps.
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Google: Android Apps Will Soon Arrive on Your Chromebook

So the company is actively working to improve the user experience. And a future feature youll probably really love is youll soon be able to run your favorite smartphone/tablet Android apps on a Chromebook. Google showed us a demo of Evernote, Vine and Flipboard Android apps working on a Chromebook Pixel. So we got to see how changes in the Evernote version on the Chromebook were automatically ported to the phone version of the app. Google really wants to see you be able to take advantage of the phone apps you really love in an environment where you can interact with them by virtue of keyboard and mouse. Another new feature added to the Chromebook roller-coaster is locking and unlocking.
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Android apps are coming to Chromebooks, but there’s a catch – Yahoo Finance

photo: Gigaom / Janko Roettgers At its I/O conference on Wednesday , Google finally gave us a detailed sneak peek at its connected vehicle infotainment system, which it is calling Android Auto. The system projects the Android smartphones user interface into the dashboard display, but it optimizes the controls so they can easily be used by drivers without getting distracted from the road. Android engineering director Patrick Brady demoed the app on stage at I/O showing how Google Maps and Music and the SMS client in the phone can be manipulated with on-screen touch controls, steering wheel buttons and voice commands. All of the actual software runs in the Android phone, though. The automakers infotainment hardware is basically acting as a peripheral display and control system. Android Auto creates a driver-optimized version of your Android phones UI on the dashboard (source: Google) It looks and feels like its part of the car, but all of the apps were seeing are on the phone, Brady said. Consequently, as the car ages and its hardware becomes obsolete, Android Auto stays young, updating its operating system and individual app software like any other Android platform, he said.
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Previously, Google had only been indexing selected apps, although the program has been steadily growing and recently expanded into multiple languages . If the user has the app in question installed, say OpenTable, and does, for example, a restaurant search, she can be linked from search results directly to the profile page within the OpenTable app. On one level, this is useful for everyone. It makes in-app content discoverable through search and thus helps developers. It helps users by enabling them to quickly get to relevant content in their apps.It also helps Google make search more expansive and useful to the mobile user experience. When apps werent indexed the search result and the corresponding click=through to a mobile website was a potentially suboptimal experience.
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How To Make Your Photos Really ‘pop’ In Iphoto ’11 For Mac – The Mac Observer

How to beam photos using the iPhoto app | Apple |

beaming iphoto In fact, most students I see taking these courses are mostly interested in quick-and-dirty ways to edit and fix their digital photos. For these, iPhoto is the ideal editing tool. By the way, why the quotation marks above? Because, as I tell all of my students, you should never engage in sloppy photography (sloppytography) because you know youll Photoshop it later on the computer. Always strive to get the best shot you can in the camera. That includes exposure, composition, cropping (zoom with your feet if you have to), and focus. Dont rely on whats known as post-processing to solve image problems. Holding a camera in one hand makes this feller a Sloppytographer That said, every digital photo can stand a little punch and pop by boosting contrast, or tweaking the saturation, or even pulling out some detail from shadow areas.
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Mac Observer Once thats done hop into iPhoto. With iPhoto open go to the gear icon on the top right (Settings) and youll see that Wireless Beaming is enabled by default. You can turn if off if you dont want the possibility of strangers trying to beam you photos, much in the way that you might turn off Bluetooth discoverability. Now youll have to do the same thing with your other iOS devices. Since you bought iPhoto for one, itll be a free download for the rest, so long as they are connected to the same iTunes account. Speaking off connections, make sure all your devices have an internet connection (and that theyre not in Airplane mode) if you want this to work. This connection should be to the same network.
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Apple Seeks Trademarks for new iPhoto and iMovie Icons – Patently Apple

2. USPTO TM Application Apple, New iPhoto Icon Any useful how to download iphoto for free photo app offers you ways to sort your images in some way, but iPhoto distinguishes itself by being so slick and speedy. The Flag and Favourites options are a stripped-down way of sorting the wheat from the digital chaff, while the Journals feature offers more traditional album-creation features and social tools. This very simplicity means you’re more likely to actually use them. Handy as the Flag and Favourites features are, they are not entirely intuitive: while the basics are easy enough, some of the more advanced tricks are a little more fiddly – although if you can master them they’ll make organising your photos even easier as your image collection grows. 7. And whether you’re uploading party shots to Facebook, displaying your arty images on Flickr or sharing photos from a family barbecue with relatives, iPhoto offers quick ways to handle the task.
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Make the most of iPhoto for the iPad – PC Advisor

Double Negative and Prime Focus World to merge Apple’s new iOS 7 icons reflect the new flat design that was launched in concert with the iPhone 5S in 2013. The three filings were originally filed last week according to USPTO’s documentation with all of them filed into the dead download under International Class 009. Apple’s TM Application In-Part for OS X “iPhoto Icon” According to the US Patent and Trademark Office’s documentation, Apple’s new trademark filing for iPhoto icon for OS X was filed under serial number 86226275. The trademark was filed under International Class 009 which specifically covers “Computer software used for image editing, image processing, image acquisition, image file management, image viewing, image sharing, the creation of documents incorporating images, and the wireless transmission of images.” Apple Files for new iPhoto Icon Trademark for iOS 7 Apple’s trademark for their iOS 7 iPhoto icon iphoto voor pc was filed under serial number 86226320 using the same International Class 009 as noted earlier. Apple Files for new iMovie Icon Trademark for iOS 7 Apple has filed for a trademark covering their new iMovie icon for iOS 7. Apple filed it under International Class 009 which specifically covers “Computer software for use in video editing; computer software for creating, authoring, editing, displaying, and storing data, graphics, images, audio, video and other multimedia content; computer software for use in recording, organizing, transmitting, manipulating, editing and reviewing text, data, audio files and video télécharger into the dead files.” The US Patent and Trademark Office filed it under serial number 86226364.
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How to Share Your iPhoto Library From Networked Storage | Mac|Life

Creating NAS disk image If you plan to use multiple libraries, you might consider making an iPhoto folder first and saving your new images there to keep them in one place. Depending on the size of your disk image, it may take a few minutes to create. When its done, youll see it automatically mount on your Desktop and then youre ready to copy your iPhoto Library into it (or create one from scratch). To copy your existing iPhoto Library, open your Photos folder as outlined in the previous section and drag and drop the iPhoto Library file over to your new mounted disk image. When its finished, double-click on the file inside the disk image — it will launch iPhoto and youll be on your way. Once youre certain that everything is working to your satisfaction, you can move the local iPhoto Library to the trash and remove it — preferably after youve made a good backup, of course. Starting a New iPhoto Library Instead of relocating your existing iPhoto Library, you may decide to just start with a new one on your NAS instead.
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Samsung’s Android App Maps New Landscape – Yahoo Finance

Keeper for Android Announces New FastFill Feature to Help You With Those Long Passwords | Droid Life

keeper A link has been sent. Done Samsungs Android homescreen app charts new terrain By Kif Leswing 2 hours ago 0 shares Content preferences Done Seeing an already-crowded market and saying me too, Samsung introduced an Android launcher and homescreen replacement called Terrain on Tuesday. The app will be available for all Android phones even those from competitors on Google Play later today . Terrain is the debutapp out from Samsungs Palo Alto-based Accelerator team. At first look, it seems significantlydifferent from the stock Android launcher, eschewing the traditional grid of icons for a Google Now-inspired card-based interface. However, unlike Google Now, the cards appear to be dumb widgets, lacking the kind of contextual sixth-sense that distinguishes Googles product. There are card-based shortcuts for the phones most used functions, such as weather information, favorite contacts, and social media feeds. Eventually, Terrain will have a web-standard based SDK, so third-party developers can build their own custom cards.
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Select settings from the menu that opens up. Tap on auto-update apps to display three options: do not auto-update apps, auto-update apps at any time, or auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only. Select do not auto-update apps. This blocks application updates from being downloaded and installed automatically on the device. You will still receive notifications about updates and can run them manually at any time. If you do not want to disable automatic updates for all apps, you can disable them for individual apps instead. To do so, visit the application’s page on Google Play, tap on the three dots menu at the top and uncheck the auto-update option that is displayed there.
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How to prevent automatic application updates on Android | gHacks Technology News

android auto-update apps Starting next week, the Keeper appwill be able to fill in your passwords for you on your device, great for those long string and unintelligible passwords that you have stored in their vault. Keeper is another great password protection service that Android users have access to that we didnt get to cover in our earlier story. The premise remains the same: add all of your websites to their vault and overhaul your short and insecure passwords for longer and more safe ones. Starting Monday, as long as you are logged into your Keeper Vault, your username and passwords for sites that you have stored will be automatically filled in for you so you dont have to go through the trouble of copy and pasting the passwords from your vault each time you head to a website. One of the best parts about Keeper is that most of the core features of the app come at the price of free. If you want to get their Premium features, Keeper is supported by in-app purchases that range from $9.99 per year to $29.99 per year. A decent amount of money, but for the protection that you are receiving it might be worth it in the long run.
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Best SMS apps for Android – AndroidPIT

chat sms messaging A link has been sent. Done Appy Pie Launches Mobile App Promotion Plans for Android Apps World’s #1 cloud based app maker Appy Pie has announced mobile app promotion plans for android apps. Appy Pie 31 minutes ago 0 shares Content preferences Done NEW YORK, June 17, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via PRWEB – World’s #1 cloud based app maker Appy Pie has announced mobile app promotion plans for android apps. The company is known for making excellent apps on platforms like Android, iOS, BlackBerry 10, Windows 8, Kindle fire etc. With more than 100,000 apps developed using Appy Pie’s DIY (DO-IT- YOURSELF) platform, Appy Pie is now offering app promotion plans for android apps . Appy Pie’s mobile app promotion for Android apps is offered under 3 different plans; Gold, Silver and Bronze. All the plans cover both off page and on page activities.
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Appy Pie Launches Mobile App Promotion Plans for Android Apps – Yahoo Finance

BallTune is supposed to help you measure the pressure of your foot ball by watching it wit your smartphones camera, then tells you whetherthe ballis over-inflated, suited for power, accuracy, or control, or if its under-inflated. You wont become Cristiano Ronaldo over night using this app, but at least your ball will be inflated properly. Give it a try. Its free. Heres the Play Store link . Beats Music 1.1 Free Apple acquired Beats Music a couple of weeks ago.
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Best Android Apps of the Week: Echo Notification, Beats Music 1.1, Google I/O 2014, SwiftKey 5.0, and More

Beats Music 1.1 All of your attachments are also encrypted. I had to snap pics of TextSecure because screenshots aren’t allowed. / AndroidPIT/Open Whisper Systems TextSecure :: Private SMS/MMS INSTALL EvolveSMS EvolveSMS is the Google-inspired SMS app we wish Hangouts was. It has been designed to look a lot like Google+ and has a nice clean design with the latest Android style guidelines in mind. While the default orange interface looks great you can also grab more themes if you’re willing to drop a little coin for the customization pack. Swiping between conversations and a navigation drawer make it a breeze to navigate and there’s plenty of customization options preloaded for free. EvolveSMS follows the Android style guidelines and looks very Google+ish. / AndroidPIT/Klinker Apps EvolveSMS INSTALL Must have add-on: MightyText MightyText , while not an SMS app itself, is on this list because it is an awesome tool for sending and receiving SMSes via your computer.
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