Bbm For Windows Phone Arriving This July, John Chen Confirmstechie News

BlackBerry CEO John Chen: BlackBerry Messenger Will Be Coming to Windows how to get bbm on a iphone Phone in July | TruTower

<img src='×412.jpg&#039; width='200px' alt='BlackBerry CEO John Chen: BlackBerry Messenger Will Be Coming to Windows Phone in July' style='float:left;padding:5px' /> BBM, which was a BlackBerry exclusive for a long period of time, saw an iOS and Android launch last year with over 10 million downloads in just 24 hours. BlackBerry confirmed earlier this year that it will be launching the messenger on Windows Phone, but the timeframe given at the time was rather too vague as it said that BBM for Windows Phone will launch sometime this summer. BBM is already preloaded on Lumia 630 ( as per poster leaks ), which has been launched in Europe, and this showed off clear signs of an imminent launch in very near future. BlackBerry isnt going to quip BBM for Windows Phone with all the features available on other platforms and this can be deduced from the manner in which it rolled out new features to BBM for iPhone and Android. At launch BBM for Windows Phone is expected to have Chats & Emoticons, Personalisation options, Stickers, BBM Groups and subsequent updates could bring in BBM channels, BBM Voice and Find Friends features. Tags
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OFFICIAL: BlackBerry Messenger for Windows Phone will Launch This July | Gigjets

<img src='×150.jpg&#039; width='200px' alt='Gaming Industry to be Worth over blackberry messenger 8 free download $100 Billion Dollars by 2018′ style=’float:left;padding:5px’ /> After the previous releases of BBM for Android and iOS, the BBM for Windows Phone release by the end of July has been confirmed. Many fans of the Windows Phone platform have been hoping for a BBM app arrival for some time, and at the end of February BlackBerry officially stated that the WP version was in the pipeline. In late March BlackBerry CEO John Chen then announced that the BBM Windows Phone app would appear in the companys fiscal Q2, giving a time frame of between May and July. There had since been no news of the apps release until earlier this month when we saw signs that it could be nearer to arrival. However BlackBerry CEO John Chen has now made another announcement to verify that the app is on target for the original time that was set. A specific date has not been given, but at least we know that the app will arrive on the Windows Phone Store by the end of July, and of course it could always appear sooner than that. Its not yet known if the BBM Windows Phone app will offer all of the same functionality and features of the Android and iOS versions, but it wont be too much longer until we find out!
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BBM for Android, iOS garners 2.5 million pre-registrationsTechie News

blackberry bbm ios android BlackBerry was planning the launch of a cross-platform BBM for quite a while now and this is the first time that the company will be offering them publicly. There are tons of other messaging apps that BBM will have to compete with right from launch day WhatsApp, Viber, Line, among others and that poses a very important question as to how many users will be actually downloading and using it. Samsung teased BBM for Galaxy smartphones back in August, just after it confirmed existence of BBM for Android earlier the same month. Andrew Bocking, who oversees BBM for BlackBerry, has revealed in an interview with CNET that the messenger has already managed 2.5 million pre-registrations. BlackBerry claims that there are already 60 million active users of BBM and it is only available on BlackBerry smartphones for now. The messaging app is probably one of the strongest offering from BlackBerry and the company indicated previously that it may spin-off BBM as a separate company. At launch, BBM for Android and iOS will not have an elaborated set of features, but will consist of core features including instant messaging and group chats.
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youtube This means nearly all of the major messaging apps are available for Microsofts mobile platform or are confirmed for a near future release. This is very good news for millions of Windows Phone users, and should hopefully bring an end to some developers thinking of Windows Phone as an afterthought. Pent-up demand could lead the Windows Phone version to the same success as other versions John Chen made the welcome announcement during this weeks earnings call. If pent-up demand for BBM on Windows Phone is any indication, it could see the same or similar success as it has on other platforms upon its release . While exact features and look and feel have yet to be confirmed or announced, its expected that Windows Phones app will have the same features that are available on the Android and iOS versions, including BBM Channels and BBM Voice . As soon as the app is bbm messenger iphone available, well be sure to deliver all of this information and post the QR code here to allow for easy download.
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BBM for Windows Phone release by end of July confirmed » Phone Reviews

BBM for Windows Phone release by end of July confirmed The information has been made public by BlackBerrys boss himself, John Chen, at the companys earnings call from yesterday. Chen also announced a squarish looking smartphone that they are going to unveil this fall, called BlackBerry Passport. Download BBM on your Windows Phone this July BlackBerry launched BBM for iOS and Android in 2013 and we all knew it was only a matter of time before the messaging service arrived on Windows Phone, as BlackBerry (formerly RIM) has confirmed in February that it would arrive in 2014. Thus, Windows Phone will be the fourth platform to host BBM, after its own BlackBerry 10, of course, iOS and Android. We are wondering whether the Canadian company could jump as far as releasing a standalone app for Windows 8 users, as well. Recently, the BlackBerry Messenger app has been updated with free calling, a feature that has been widely requested by the users.
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